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E2 Holiday Hunger and Food - Christmas 2022

E2 will provide food and activities this Christmas between the 19th Dec and 22nd (23rd Dec is our celebration event *80% attendance req.) for children and young people in receipt of free school meals in partnership with Leicester City Council and the Department for Education. We will provide a range of activities with the support of our community partners: Unity Boxing, and DMULocal
To sign up for activities call 0116 2359481 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit the Leicester City Council website:


E2 Youth Support Groups


During the Covid 19 Pandemic, E2 had to temporarily put our youth sessions on hold in order to follow Government guidelines. During this time after speaking to parents, young people, and our local PCSOs, the realisation of the need for support sessions hit us hard. There was a massive increase in mental health issues among young people, crime and ASB rates were going up locally and we knew that young people were isolated and vulnerable. It was at that point that we had to work together to find a solution in order to get our sessions back up and running again, and it wasn’t an option for us to wait for the pandemic to end.

We initially piloted online support sessions, however, we found many of the most disadvantaged young people could not access these due to a variety of reasons, most notably they did not have a reliable internet connection at home. Our staff referred to National Youth Agency guidelines for Covid and the fact that closed access youth sessions for disadvantaged young people could still go ahead, albeit in much smaller groups and by following a whole host of Covid guidelines. This is how we implemented our Youth Support Groups.

Between the period of Aug 2020 - Aug 2021, we delivered 974 hours of youth support groups.


  Youth activities currently happening 

We are proud to be delivering a brand new project funded by the Violence Reduction Network (VRN) - Our Youth Voice project will enable young people to have their say and contribute towards reducing youth violence in their peer group. Our weekly sessions will provide young people with opportunities to discuss and present their ideas in articles, social media posts, stories, and poems. Young people that participate in our project will join their peers across the city/country to really make a difference in youth violence. 

Our sessions are aimed at young people aged 11-24 yrs and will take place at the E2 Community Hub on Tuesdays, commencing 25th January 2022 between 4-6 pm.


Young people competing to win some tuck shop credit


One of our groups taking part in a dance-off competition

We currently deliver youth sessions 5 days a week and you can register young people HERE.
Each session is based on a first-come-first-served basis and you can book on by getting free tickets from Eventbrite that be obtained HERE.
Alternatively, you can call 0116 2359481 or turn up on the day as a ‘walk-in’ (places are not guaranteed).

 A snapshot of youth activities we previously delivered

E2 Holiday Hunger and Food - Christmas 2021
E2 provided food and activities this Christmas for children and young people in receipt of free school meals in partnership with Reaching People and Leicester City Council. We provided a range of activities with the support of our community partners: Unity Boxing, DMU Beaumont Park Football, Samworth Brothers and DMULocal
One of our young participants Joshua Lockhart-Johnson, a young person aged 10 years old, mentioned that creating art has been his favourite activity because he loves making stuff. Joshua rated the Christmas youth activities a 10/10 because he enjoyed coming to the sessions. When asked if there was anything else Joshua would like to see in these sessions he responded “I would have liked to have made a Christmas tree, that we could have decorated and put lights on”. If these sessions were not available, Joshua would have been at home playing with his younger brother or on his ipad and phone.
This Christmas was made really special with the help of Mecca Bingo, Samworth Brothers and De Montfort University who donated presents and Christmas hampers to all of the disadvantaged children we worked with.
Holiday Hunger and Food Programme 2021 - Summer Holidays/Easter Break
During the Summer Holidays and Easter breaks in 2021, we delivered a diverse range of activities for young people aged 5-16yrs old. For example, we provided cook and eat sessions, football, basketball, PS4 gaming, as well as fun and active youth sessions. All of our sessions included the provision of lunches for all the young people involved. These sessions were aimed at young people on free school meals.
Anti-Knife Crime Sessions - Drop the Knife and Live your Life
Our Anti-Knife crime project enabled our youth workers to work with young people at risk of entering the criminal justice system who may have been involved in carrying a knife or involved in serious violence. One of the young people we worked with was found to be carrying knives at 8 yrs old. We worked with the police and De Montfort University to carry out research and develop an educational resource pack, full of activities for prevention, early intervention, and rehabilitation,  for schools, youth, and community groups working with this cohort. If you are interested in receiving this resource please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
 (Funded by The Police and Crime Commissioner for Leicestershire)
Winter Prevention Fund
These sessions were aimed at young people who have additional needs such as; ADHD, Autism, Anxiety, Mental Health issues, EHC plans and those with SEN plans in place. These sessions were targeted support groups for disadvantaged young people at risk of being involved in serious violence and crime. Our sessions included:
  • Group discussions - We started the discussions by asking about how each young person has been feeling, and what they did on that day.
  • Educational support - We provided education support through qualified teachers, and encouraged the young people to participate in cooking and learning to prepare and create fresh meals independently.
  • PSHE (Personal Social Health Education) - Our PSHE sessions covered topics that are important to young people to become healthy, active, and independent within their own homes and communities. We have anecdotal evidence that our sessions are extremely beneficial for the safety and well-being of the young people we work with. Some of the topics that we covered included:
    • County Lines
    • Gangs
    • Knife Crime
    • Drugs
    • Internet safety
    • Bullying
    • Healthy eating
    • Mental health and well-being
  • Physical activity - We had implemented fun and engaging ways for young people to take part in physical activity during our sessions. We delivered these in a way that was safe and enjoyable.
  • Respite - We encouraged the young people to spend the last hour of our three-hour sessions taking part in activities of their choice.
(Funded by the Violence Reduction Network)
Street Mediators & Pop up Youth sessions 
Our Street Mediators were youth workers that patrolled the streets of three wards in Leicester, and one in Loughborough, five nights per week with the aim of steering young people towards positive activities as well as challenging young people’s perceptions about carrying a knife. In the first four months of the project, we engaged with over 700 young people. We found that attendance at our sessions increased significantly as a direct result of our work and we sought additional funding to set up additional youth provision and safeguarding where there are gaps, such as this project.
We were able to utilise our organisational relationships to make referrals and also to take referrals from the Police, key workers at local schools, NHS school nurses, and the Probation service.
(Funded by the Violence Reduction Network)
Unlocking the Arts - Art Engagement
Our project was designed to engage and work with children and young people aged 6 yrs to 13 yrs who are not currently participating or engaging in art-related projects outside of mainstream education. We delivered a range of art engagement activities that enabled participants to experience a number of artistic techniques on a wide selection of formats such as water-based and oil-based painting, drawing, creating large format posters and banners, costumes, facemasks and larger than life model characters. Participants worked towards creating art for their first art exhibition which they delivered at De Montfort University and here at our E2 Community Hub.
(Funded by the Arts Council)
Open Access Youth Sessions
Prior to the Covid pandemic, we mostly offered open access youth sessions that had no eligibility requirements and no booking system. Since the UK lockdown, we have kept a booking system in place but removed eligibility for the majority of our sessions apart from the Holiday Hunger and Food schemes over the holidays.
Special Events and Celebrations
We organise and deliver a variety of special events for young people over the course of the year such as:
  • Summer Fun Days
  • Halloween
  • Christmas
Everything we provide for young people is always free for participants. We do this to ensure no young person is left out and that families in Beaumont Leys and Abbey wards can always access our sessions irrespective of their financial position.

Our Funders & Supporters