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The Urban Garden Project: Inspiring a Greener, Healthier Future in Beaumont Leys

Imagine a place where children can learn about the wonders of nature, grow their own fruit and vegetables, and connect with their environment. Picture a thriving green space that reduces pollution, supports wildlife, and fosters community spirit. The Urban Garden Project in Beaumont Leys aims to make this vision a reality by turning a derelict wasteland into an inspiring oasis of tranquillity and learning.

An area of wasteland ready to be transformed

Bees will be welcome in the Urban Garden

A place to play or sit and meet up with friends

Empowering the Next Generation:

From the very beginning, the Urban Garden Project has focused on nurturing the next generation of children to become more knowledgeable and skilled in health, nutrition, and nature-inspired areas. Our pilot project features a garden space where children can observe, interact with, and learn from nature. Our information boards, complete with QR codes, allow young minds to explore local species, habitats, and environmental issues.

Interactive Learning for Primary School Children:

We have already established relationships with three local primary schools, and our Urban Garden will become a hotspot for school visits and outdoor learning. Interactive areas on the site will engage children and let them witness an apiary in action, while open access youth sessions encourage children aged 4-16 to adopt growing areas and take ownership of their own garden plots.

Environmental Benefits:

The Urban Garden Project will have a profound positive impact on the environment, as well as the health and well-being of local residents. By reducing the carbon footprint, encouraging physical activity, improving mental health, and promoting social integration, the project will strengthen the Beaumont Leys community.

Our Commitment to the Environment:

  1. Reduce pollution: Transforming the derelict land into a thriving oasis, the Urban Garden will utilise phytoremediation to remove pollutants from the soil.
  2. Support wildlife: The garden will be a haven for wildflowers, native species, and pollinators, aided by the installation of an apiary.
  3. Increase recycling and reuse of materials: The project will use recycled and sustainable materials throughout the garden.
  4. Protect habitats and green spaces: The Urban Garden will provide a protected space for hundreds of species, ensuring its preservation for future generations.
  5. Raise environmental awareness: Information boards and QR codes will educate visitors about local species, habitats, and environmental issues.

A Brighter Future for Beaumont Leys:

Located in one of the most deprived areas in the UK, the Urban Garden Project will address the many challenges faced by the local community, including knife crime, gangs, poverty, and food poverty. The project's short-term goal is to involve local residents in the development of the garden, fostering a sense of ownership and belonging. In the long run, the project aims to secure community ownership for 25 years, develop volunteer networks, obtain additional funding for garden expansion, and encourage new and existing community groups to care for the garden.


The Urban Garden Project in Beaumont Leys is set to be a game-changer, transforming a small derelict land into a vibrant green space where children can learn, residents can relax, and nature can flourish. This innovative project will inspire the next generation, encourage environmental awareness, and strengthen the local community in Beaumont Leys. Join us in making this dream a reality!

If you would like to join us to make this project a reality we are always in need of volunteers. Please get in touch with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.