Last summer E2 coordinated a consortium of local partners

to deliver holiday activities for young people

Summer 1 Summer 2 Summer 3

 Our partners were:-

 A big THANK YOU to everyone that helped deliver sessions and to those who supported and funded the scheme and made it such a success! 

There were some very interesting figures about crime and antisocial behaviour over the summer holidays in Beaumont Leys and Abbey: In comparison to 2017 (Jul & Aug) crime and antisocial behaviour was down by an average of 40% this year.

We can't take all the credit for this as the police and other organisations are working proactively to reduce this. However, we can say that we made some difference to these figures over the summer holidays with the provision of our summer holiday activities.

There may be some variation in trends, reporting issues and types of crime, however we were informed by Sgt Ian Parker that the expected spike in crime and antisocial behaviour, due to the heat wave we experienced, did not materialise.

The numbers of children and young people who accessed activities over the summer holidays in Beaumont Leys were impressive 

Next year we plan to coordinate a parade through Beaumont Leys which will bring all the schools, local groups and people together to celebrate our varied culture and build community cohesion. Watch this space!