Jack Allen – Business Administration Apprentice

Jack was a student at English Martyrs School in Leicester and originally came to Cooke Training through the ‘Strike Out’ project. After leaving school he worked for a short while for a driveway contractor, and when this work ended he applied for an apprenticeship as our business administrator.

Jack felt this work would be more challenging and he also had the prospect of gaining a formal qualification at the end of the apprenticeship. Jack is supported by Leicester College through their Apprenticeships programme and attends College on a weekly basis to complete his NVQ Level 2 Award.

Jack said “I have always been interested in working for Cooke as they helped me gain the skills and confidence I needed for a career and I felt I would like to give something back. I have had a very good experience so far. I came here as a student and being an apprentice was a lot easier to cope then I thought. In the future I would like to continue working for Cooke as it is a great environment to work in and I would also like to work my way up to the best that I can be and hopefully make a big difference for the organisation”. 

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