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Samworth Brothers - Case Study

This is a case study with a representative from Samworth Brothers in regards to their recent involvement in the Holiday Hunger programme which is a Department for Education funded project, delivered locally by Reaching People and Leicester City Council to help prevent disadvantaged children from being hungry throughout the school holidays. SallyRomankiwSally Romankiw from Samworth Brothers said that the whole team is passionate about helping communities. Sally said that she really feels that Samworth Brothers are like a family and their ethos is absolutely true - “We do good things through great food”. Samworth Brothers have demonstrated that they really are committed to giving back and helping out communities.

Sally stated that “Samworth Brothers are a large employer across Leicester city and our team is passionate about giving back”Samworth Brothers have helped scores of communities across Leicester including adventure playgrounds, charities and local groups with food supplies and sandwiches which have helped 1000s of disadvantaged children.

We asked Sally from Samworth Brothers if there was any organisational learning from their recent experience and if they would do anything differently during the next holidays, her response was: ‘We’re very passionate about helping people and the team I work with were dedicated to donating exactly what would be most useful. We had a bit of to and froing to find out exactly what that was, so next time I know what questions to ask right at the start to help everyone involved.’

As a recipient of Samworth Brothers assistance during the Easter Holidays 2021 with our Covid-19 Emergency Food Distribution Scheme Martin Buchanan, the Chief Executive of E2, stated that: ‘Samworth Brothers really do go the extra mile in ensuring that they lead by example in their aim to be a force for good. We are so fortunate to have one of the best food production companies right on our doorstep and I have experienced first-hand the difference they are making to the communities we work in’.