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Rosie has lived in Leicester for about 8 years having graduated from the University of Leicester with a degree in Politics.

She has been volunteering at the charity’s food RosieKinderdistribution centre at Beaumont Lodge Neighbourhood Centre 5 days a week since May and has now been offered a job as our Food Distribution Coordinator.

A major part of Rosie’s responsibilities is to help other volunteers prepare and pack nutritious food parcels which have been delivered to local people's homes during the nationwide lockdown.  She also ensures all hygiene measures are in place checking that all the crates used for food parcels are sanitised before and after they have been out for delivery and individual parcels are kept separate. 

Rosie enjoys volunteering and has been a scout leader for over 10 years. She said, “I just think that’s the way society should be if you have time on your hands and I did have time on my hands following the ‘lockdown’. Why wouldn't you help vulnerable people that are self-isolating at home and unable to go out and shop for essential food items?”

From a personal perspective she feels that volunteering helps a person acquire new social skills, boosts mental and physical health and increases confidence.