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Leah Chapman

Leah Chapman, aged 26, spent the first 24 years of her life in Beaumont Leys, facing unique challenges in her educational journey. Marked by trouble, dismissals, and isolations, Leah's school experience was tumultuous. Diagnosed with Tourette's Syndrome at the age of 6, followed by OCD and possible ADHD/ADD, her confidence suffered, making friendships challenging. Despite adversities, Leah graduated from college with a double distinction in Health and Social Care.

Leah's association with E2 began at 14 when she volunteered at Beaumont Lodge Neighbourhood Centre. At 22, seeking job references, she discovered a role within E2 and successfully restarted her journey in 2019. Initially facing challenges with unsupportive colleagues, Leah now holds multiple roles, including Designated Safeguarding Lead and Centre Operations Manager.

Starting with limited experience, Leah's journey at E2 expanded her skills significantly. From a Strike Out Community Tutor, her role evolved to encompass various responsibilities, including Outreach Youth Worker and Project Coordinator. She gained proficiency in using computers and creating spreadsheets, skills crucial for her responsibilities. E2 played a pivotal role in boosting Leah's confidence and resilience, skills she now applies both personally and professionally.

Leah's most significant achievement at E2 was attaining a management position, a role she finds joy in and eagerly anticipates each day. Despite initial challenges, Leah's journey at E2 has been transformative, providing encouragement, trust, and numerous opportunities.

Leah acknowledges the engaging and enjoyable activities at E2, highlighting ground rules, check-ins, group games, gaming sessions, snacks, discussions, and the beloved daily raffle. She advises newcomers to forge their own path and resist negative influences, emphasising the importance of genuine motivation to make a positive impact.

Leah envisions herself becoming more settled in her role at E2, possibly with an assistant to support her with tasks. The overall impact of E2 on Leah's life has been profound. Her life has changed for the better, and she expresses gratitude for the encouragement, trust, and opportunities provided.

Leah grants permission to use her responses in the case study. Her transformative journey with E2 serves as a testament to overcoming challenges and finding joy in professional growth.