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Chantelle Darlison

Chantelle Darlison, aged 28, is a passionate advocate for Arts, Culture, and Design, with a strong commitment to educating the next generation. Her involvement with E2 commenced at the age of 10 when she began volunteering during school breaks, learning to build and repair computers. Chantelle is now currently employed as Senior Manager. Growing up in Beaumont Leys, an area marked by poverty and crime, Chantelle's early engagement with E2 laid the foundation for a transformative journey.

Initially apprehensive, Chantelle's perspective on E2 evolved from uncertainty to profound gratitude as she recognised the organisation's role in providing her a second chance at life. Initially, she took on the role, as a volunteer youth worker assistant at the age of 10. E2 played a crucial role in steering her away from potential challenges, offering her an opportunity to complete an NVQ Level 2 Business and Administration Apprenticeship at the age of 16.

Chantelle's time at E2 led to a significant acquisition of skills and knowledge that transcended the professional realm. Her understanding of educational principles, youth development methodologies, and leadership practices deepened. Specialised training in safeguarding, mental health, childcare, and leadership equipped her with a versatile skill set. As a governor at a local secondary school and a mother of three, including a child with special educational needs, Chantelle applies these skills to advocate for effective education and navigate the complexities of parenting.

Chantelle's journey with E2 has been marked by notable achievements. The discovery of a community sharing her passion for education inspired her to pursue a degree at The Open University, challenging preconceived notions about her capabilities. Post-degree, she continued her educational pursuits, obtaining qualifications in various fields. Her involvement with E2 not only influenced her academic path but also shaped her commitment to ongoing personal development.

Chantelle values the dynamic nature of E2, where each day brings new challenges and opportunities. She commends E2's modest ethos but suggests enhancing communication about successes for increased visibility. To newcomers, her advice is to “embrace the dynamic nature of each day, understanding that challenges and rewards coexist”.

E2 has significantly shaped Chantelle's goals. With a commitment to ongoing growth, she envisions herself remaining an integral part of E2, contributing in various capacities, whether through continued employment or as a Trustee. The experiences and skills gained at E2 align with her aspirations for a future marked by meaningful contributions to education and youth and community development.

The impact of E2 on Chantelle's life is described as “transformative”. A pivotal moment stands out - the day E2 offered her employment, redirecting her from potential pitfalls towards a positive trajectory. E2 became the catalyst for steering her away from challenges, instilling a sense of accountability for her successes and contributions to the community.

Chantelle grants permission to use her responses in the case study. Additionally, Chantelle wishes to extend her heartfelt gratitude to E2 for the countless opportunities provided over the years. She looks forward to continuing her journey with E2 and making a positive difference in the lives of others.