Ali Al Bader is a university graduate from Kuwait. He is studying for an MA in International Business and Management Studies at De Montfort University and previously spent four years in Florida, studying at the University of Tampa. Ali started volunteering for our charity in June 2020 and continued supporting us throughout the Coronavirus national lockdown and in August achieved his target of 50 volunteer hours and has continued to support E2 throughout the year. 

Ali has enjoyed working with staff and volunteers, which has enabled him to gain a wealth of knowledge and experience in the U.K. As an international student he enjoys interacting people from the local community. He told us “It’s very important to be involved in supporting local residents to help them become healthier people during the Covid-19 crisis ...E2 have done a great job in supporting people from the community that need an emergency food parcel.”

He intends to continue volunteering to support this worthy cause and expressed his gratitude to all key workers and would like to thank the NHS for their work. He hopes people continue making generous contributions to all charities for the work they do.